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Spring Air Conditioning Maintenance

Anytime the weather outside is above 70 degrees, your probably setting your thermostat to Cool. From April to October your air conditioner is in use and when something is in use it is subjected to wear and tear from usage and conditions. Your condenser sits outside year round and anytime it is running, it is sucking dirty air thru the aluminum fins. As most people know, pollen, leaves, and seeds from trees are floating in the air and them items get sucked into the unit causing your unit to work harder, longer, and be less efficient. Just like the windshield on your car, air conditioners need to be washed. Like in the above image, you can see this heat pump unit is well beyond normal cleaning and needed special attention that required the outer panels to be removed. Cleaning a unit like this takes more time to clean and in turn costs you, the customer, more money. Setting up a spring preventative maintenance call "YEARLY" will help keep your condenser or heat pump from getting clogged up. Now in some instances, you might require an additional cleaning throughout the year and to figure out if this is needed, a visual inspection every month by you is all that would be required. When Martell Heating And Air is on site, we can so you how and what to look for. Air conditioning repair harrah #martellair1 #airconditionerrepair #tuneup

This is a picture of a contactor. A Contactor is a device that when the thermostat calls for cooling, the contacts pull in and make connection, turning your condenser on. As you can see, there is black soot around and in the contacts. This can result in this device to stick on or not make connection which either is not good. This is one of the parts that is inspected on our 24 point inspection. If replacement is needed at time of spring maintenance, this can prevent an unnecessary interruption in your cooling comfort during the heat of the season and save you on another service call. Air conditioning repair choctaw Call us today to get scheduled! 405-215-8210 #ruud

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Crystle Taylor
May 24, 2019

We moved to the Spencer area last year and just now got are A/C unit hooked up by Martell Heating and Air. I searched every website near me for someone to hook up my A/C and sent out countless emails and calls to find the best one with reasonable prices because we are on a strict budget and more than half of them never contacted me back and the ones that did were really high prices until Michael contacted me and came out to look at my unit for an estatement and he was the lowest price one. He came back out and hooked up my A/C and was very professional, kind and kept me informed of what he was…

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