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Beat down on the high energy bills today with "IMANIFOLD"!!

If you are like most homeowners, you don't like high electric bills or costly hvac repairs. Summer is a time for fun, vacations, camping, and boating season, and when you are home, air conditioner repair is the last thing you want on your to do list because sweating indoors is "un-american". If you have ever had a HVAC technician at your residence you may have been told that your unit is inefficient but have you ever been handed a report custom tailored with your unit data? Martell Heating and Air now has "IMANIFOLD" technology!! We can provide you with a detailed report of your system characteristics and show you in black and white at what capacity your system is running at and seer rating. Here is an example of a report that you will receive:

So now your thinking, "what will this report do for me"? Having a detailed report will give you more direction on if you need to make some system corrections, or if a replacement is in your best interest. Age of a unit can only tell you so much about a piece of equipment. An hvac contractor can tell you that your unit needs to be replaced but you are solely dependent on their recommendation. If you had a report in hand that showed you some proof of what your system is doing, wouldn't that help you to be more at ease with making a decision? The decision is yours, stick with your local heating and air company "Martell Heating and Air" of Eastern Oklahoma County for all your Heating and Cooling needs! 405-215-8210


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