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Air Conditioner Repair

Pictured are two of the most common parts that I have to replace on a service call. I explain to every customer what I am replacing and why. The cylinders are called capacitors. The square blocks are called contactors. The capacitor puts a motor into phase and sets a constant speed. If you look at the capacitor shown on the left, it has ballooned up at the terminals which indicates that it is faulty. The contractor switches power to the compressor and fan motor. The contactor has points that wear out over time as you can see in the second picture. Anyway I just wanted to show my followers some common air conditioner repair parts. If you are in need of service or want a check up, please give me a call or text to set up your heat and air service today! 405-215-8210 #martellair1 #airconditionerrepairchoctaw #airconditioner

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