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Winter/Fall Check-ups

Hello everyone, I have had quite a few customers call to get their heater checked up on this week. Some of the customers are concerned about safety of a gas fired furnaces while others either have an issue or don't want to have an issue. Whatever the reason Martell Heating and Air is here for you! We are going to be running a special of $65 for a heater check up and we will look at all the different safety devices that are on your heating equipment to make sure that they are up for the task. If you have gas-fired equipment we are also looking at testing the gas pressures to make sure that your heater is firing as efficient as possible and to check for concentration levels of carbon monoxide which is dangerous for your health. I have carbon monoxide detectors on the truck ready to be installed if you don't currently have one in your house which detect if any hazardous gases are building up in your home that could be giving you headaches and bringing on different sicknesses. Call or text us today 405-215-8210 for your $65 check up! #heaterrepair #heatpump

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