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Old Vs New

Out with the old and in with the new! This old 60% furnace was shooting flames out the front when it would light the burners which is very unsafe but wasn't abnormal for these units. This new Ruud 80% gas furnace was a much needed upgrade not only for reliability but also efficiency and safety. Fyi 80% means 20% is vented out through the roof instead of the 40% before! The newest furnaces have multiple safety switches which help prevent unwanted fires and other problems like carbon monoxide entering your home. I also installed an easy to change air filter rack for simple air filter changes for the tenants occupying the residents. New vent piping will promote the proper vent drafting and the locking connections will keep the piping together and the high wind vent cap on the roof will keep water from seeping in causing damage. If your in the market and need a free quote for a new unit or if you would like your heater serviced and the combustion analyzed to make sure it's safe, call 405-215-8210. Thanks for reading. @martellair1 #Ruud #Heaterrepairnearme

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