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Heater Maintenance

Did you know that most heater startup failures can be avoided? Gas heaters and Electric heaters both rely on sensors to let the equipment know when parts are doing their jobs! Heat pumps, as you know, provide heating in the winter but what happens when the temperatures drop below freezing? Did you know you have a backup heat system, and when not ever checked, you might not have the backup heat as you may thought that's why routine winter maintenance is a good idea! The other thing is that how do you know these systems are working properly and putting out the heat that they are supposed to? Thats where Martell Heating and Air comes into play. We know the systems in and out and are willing and prepared to perform a check-up on your system. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment to help prevent a breakdown, especially with Christmas around the corner and family coming into town! 405-215-8210 Merry Christmas!

Cracked heat exchangers on gas furnaces will allow the flow of carbon monoxide into your house causing sickness and headaches going with an unknow reason. Also, if you have had a roof replaced do you know if the vent pipe was put back onto the heater properly? Do you have a carbon monoxide detector and is it working???

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