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Mini Splits

Ever owned a home with an addition or converted garage and it's hot in the summer and/or cold in the winter? If so, a mini split could be the solution for you. A mini split is a 2 part system, 1 part is called the head which is mounted to an interior wall and the other part is call a heatpump that rests on a pad outside of the home. These systems are very efficent and highly recommended. Mini splits are operated via wireless remote and only need power supplies at the outside unit, no gas lines needed. They provide cooling requirements down to a bone chilling 10 degrees outside and heating up to 75 degrees outside. These type of systems are also low maintenance and come with a 5 year parts warranty. Call Martell Heating and Air for all you air comfort needs including air conditioning repair, installation, and heater repair! 405-215-8210

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