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Is your air "Aprilaire" clean?

Too often we take the air we breathe for granted, just think for a minute, when was the last time you took a pale of water from a running stream, bottled it up and drank it? Besides the fact that there are now bottles that have filters built-in to clean the water we would still be skeptical about how good the water was and how clean it really is. So let's take another minute and think about the air that we breathe. Until 2020, most people wouldn't have even thought about wearing a mask to filter out particles in the air that they breathe. The covid-19 virus is microscopic and wearing a mask helps to keep us safe from getting sick. Did you know that being inside your home more now then ever could actually contribute to making you sick. Think about being inside a house for a whole day, most people don't think about stall or contaminated air in their home but the fact is our body's put off invisable gases and are always shedding dead skin and dandruff but are also releasing viruses and bacteria. (Fact)- Most air filter systems in households are not designed well and are for basic protection for the heating and air equipment, not our air quality. What this means is that now more then ever we need to look into how to make our air quality in our homes better and cleaner to protect ourselves from sickness. Since we rely on our heating and air companies to inform us, let's hope they are doing their job by recommending the right products for us. Martell Heating and Air strives to make sure that our customers are "in the know" about air quality offering a multitude of options to fit their IAQ (Indoor Air Quailty) needs. Call us today and schedule a free air quality assessment and start breathing clean healthy air in your home or office! 405-215-8210 #IAQ

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